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2002 Version of Mitt Romney Declares that He's a Progressive

What would we do without YouTube? And what would the 2008 version of Mitt Romney say to the 2002 version? Romney 3.0 might step in to mediate the dispute.

Care to explain this, Romney supporters?

Scott Walker has proven that a Republican need not run as a liberal in order to win in blue states. Romney not only ran as a left of center candidate, he governed that way too. Where did doing that get him? He didn’t run for a second term so we’ll never really know, but the fact is, his main legacy is RomneyCare, which led to ObamaCare.

How would a President Romney govern? It depends on which version ends up getting elected.

Update: Romney’s people are going to have to do better than this.

The very last thing the Democrats want to do is run against Mitt Romney. That is why they are focused on his campaign and not on the economy. The Democrats are continuing their campaign of deception in their strategy to ‘kill Romney.’ If anyone has a question of how Mitt Romney will govern as president, take a look at his record of creating jobs, cutting spending, and protecting the sanctity of life and traditional marriage. That was his record as Governor and that will be his record as president.

What’s “deceptive” about a video showing Romney declaring himself to be a progressive? It seems that the very last thing Romney’s campaign wants to do is defend anything he has said prior to 2008.