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Video: Romney Slams Gingrich's 'Invented People' Line, Says Gingrich Should Return Money Made from Freddie Mac

Mitt Romney appeared on Fox and Friends this morning and launched a pair of attacks on rival Newt Gingrich. Under questioning from Brian Kilmeade in a New Hampshire diner, Romney said that Gingrich “got ahead of our ally” Israel when he said that the Palestinians are an “invented people.” Romney also noted that Gingrich has given different numbers for how much Freddie Mac paid him, and then called on Gingrich to return that money.

About that $10,000 bet that Romney offered Rick Perry in Saturday night’s debate. Romney now says it was just an “outrageous number” offered to rebut an outrageous charge — the charge Rick Perry made, that the first edition of Romney’s book promoted an individual mandate as a national model, and omits that promotion in the paperback edition. But was Perry’s claim really outrageous?