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DOJ Christmas Party: "From Each According to His Ability"

I received this flyer for a Christmas party Holiday EXTRAVOGANZAAA from a United States Department of Justice employee who was tired of paying admission to DOJ Civil Rights Division events based on how much salary they earned.  The price increases for the Christmas party the more money you make.  If your are level GS-9, you pay $20.  If you are GS-13, $30.  GS-15, you pay $35. 

As the famous philosopher said, “from each according to his abilities.”

The Christmas party is for the Housing and Civil Enforcement Section of the United States Department of Justice, a section run by the infamous Steven Rosenbaum, a man whose antics have been covered extensively at PJ Media and National Review.  Rosenbaum’s work constraining the Los Angeles Police Department has also been featured in articles by Jack Dunphy here and Heather MacDonald of the Weekly Standard here.

The DOJ employee who sent me the flyer characterized the progressive fee scale as nutty and radical.  I was familiar with the DOJ Civil Rights Division “sliding-fee” when I was there, but I suppose I was used to it.  Yet everyone who I show this to finds it nutty and out of the ordinary for office parties, as the DOJ employee also does.  Perhaps you have an opinion to post in the comments below.

So tomorrow, the Department of Justice Housing and Civil Enforcement Section gathers at Tonic in Foggy Bottom for the afternoon, starting at 12pm, until.  There is no telling how long the party will last, unless of course Tatler’s sources were in attendance! Tonic is a restaurant and bar just down the street from the Housing Section offices. Frequently DOJ political appointees like Tom Perez show up for these events.  I don’t expect he will have much opposition to the progressive fee scale.