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Romney's Odd Sense of Humor

Mitt Romney needs someone to write better jokes.  Last night he delivered this dud:

“Hands on doesn’t mean getting a better grip on the golf club.”


There has always been something culturally disconnected about Mitt.  Sort of a stuck-in-1950s vibe.  When it comes to his sense of humor, lines like the “golf grip” is likely to get laughs in 1920’s Vaudeville.  It was a line Bob Hope might have delivered at the 1946 Oscar ceremony, and brought the house down.  But not anymore.

Compare the golf grip dud with Newt’s wicked – “you would have been a career politician had you not lost to Ted Kennedy.”  The line had the sharpness of a bug zapper sizzling a fly.

Yes, yes, you serious “analytical republicans” will scoff at such trivial matters.  Bigger issues are at stake; I can hear all your tut-tutting already.  But you are naive if you overlook these culturally disconnected rhetorical tactics.  The preplanned $10,000 bet line was a manifestation of the same genus, different species.  Cultural disconnects matter.

But there is still time to fix this.  I propose that Mitt hire Michael Graham (fellow Regnery author) to write funnier stuff.  The Smith and Dale Act isn’t working anymore.   Indeed, who ARE Smith and Dale?

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