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Join the Austin Texas "Welcoming" Party for Eric Holder Tuesday

I’ll have more about this shortly at the PJ Rule of Law blog, but Eric Holder is coming to Austin, Texas, on Tuesday, and a gathering of Patriots will take place to “greet” him.

King Street Patriots is holding a rally outside the LBJ Library where Holder will be appearing.  Inside, Holder will potentially explain why DOJ isn’t preclearing Texas and South Carolina Voter ID, while outside, citizens will be calling on Holder to enforce election integrity laws that he is ignoring (dead voters, black panthers, etc).

Inside Holder will talk about what a great job he is doing.  Outside, King Street Patriots will be talking about the actual job he is doing.

Inside will be the Attorney General who refuses to hold anyone accountable for Fast and Furious (such as Chief of Staff Garry Grindler or AAG Lanny Breuer).  Outside will be Americans tired of the lies and lawlessness.   Here is your big chance to be heard, and “greet” the most unpopular and truth-challenged member of the cabinet.  You are invited, and here is the flyer with details. 

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