Israel Attacks Iran's Latin American Terror Infrastructure

Venezuela’s Hugo  Chavez freely encourages Iran and its proxies to move about South America without visas, combining Iranian activities with acts of the drug cartels. Israeli Vice President Yaalon  drew attention to such acts though these acts  and Yaalon’s remarks have been ignored by the press here.  Fausta who covers activities in South America translates a Spanish language account of these activities:


Montevideo, December 6, 2011 (EFE) – Israel’s Vice-Prime Minister, Moshe Yaalon, stated today in an interview with Efe that Iran is creating, with Venezuela’s connivance, a “terrorist infrastructure” in Latin America for attempts against the United States, Israel and their allies.

“They mean to arm a terrorist infrastructure which will remain dormant, and at the right moment could attack American interests or targets in the USA,” and “Israelis, Jews, or any other country opposed to Iran’s political structure”, he stated. Yaalon, in Montevideo where he met Danilo Astori, Uruguay’s vice-president and other officials, used as an example of that hypothetical strategy the recently revealed plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the US.

He pointed out that that case, of which the US accused Iran, and which was denounced on November 18 at the UN General Assembly, is not the only one, as other past incidents show. “This type of terrorist infrastructure already acted in 1992 against the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires and the AMIA Jewish organization in 1994,” also in the Argentina’s capital.

According to Yaalon, the strategy is framed by Tehran’s plans to “export the Iranian revolution, first to neighboring states”, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, or the Palestinian territories, and “later to the West.”

The Vice-Prime Minister, who in the 1990s was chief of military intelligence, explained that the information available to his country reveals that in Latin America “this type of infrastructure enrolls Muslim elements that live in the area, and is also supported by drug lords.”

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