Wa Po Continues To Celebrate OccupyDC as aging rocker Jackson Browne Sings

The liberal msm’s love affair with Occupy Wall Street continues.

Today the Washington Post went gaga that aging rocker Jackson Browne showed yesterday up at an OccupyDC site. And the Post devoted three quarters of a front page in the paper’s chic Style section to critique “Occupy art.”


It didn’t dampen the Post’s spirits that last weekend an unruly mini-riot occurred at OccupyDC, resulting in 31 arrests. One protester urinated on police while others battled them.  One detained protester was discovered to have been arrested last week for shoplifting.

The Post’s coverage today added new seriousness to the aimless movement, penning with some gravitas a front page Style article titled, “Assessing Occupy Art.” This was not a critique of a MOMA installation, but a review of hand drawings by protesters.

The sudden appearance by Jackson Browne before Occupy DC protesters made it to the front page of the news section of the paper. He sang in front of a faux Christmas tree made out of 100% recycled plastic.

As for the protesters, they were, like, clueless.  Who was this guy? In the ’70’s Browne headlined many No Nuke concerts and sang praises to Nicaragua’s Sandinistas.


This failure of recognition didn’t dampen Browne spirits. He happily sang on. Aging hippies came out to hear him in the balmy 65 degree weather at Freedom Plaza, one of the two OccupyDC sites.

His insight? “This movement doesn’t need a need song, it just needs people to show up and sing.”


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