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Newt on Top at Sean Hannity's Salute to the Troops

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting lots of folks at the Sean Hannity Salute to the Troops in D.C.  It was especially enjoyable to meet John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting fame afterwards, even if it was in a “freaky apartment.”  (See his twitter stream).  It’s nice to know that some in the music industry still have feet on planet Earth.

During the event, Sean Hannity conducted a very unscientific, but revealing, poll.  He asked the crowd who they supported for President.  Bachmann?  A few claps.  Perry?  Also just a few.  Huntsman?  Lots of response from the crowd, but all laughs after silence.  Romney? A modest share of tempered applause.  And finally, Gingrich?  The crowd erupted in cheers.

Hannity mentioned that the same exact thing happened in Pittsburgh the night before.  Roll Newt.