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The Media Morphing Continues

One of the tidbits of news to come out today was this, from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Upon analyzing records of the seventy text messages between Herman Cain and Ginger White during the period October 22 – November 18 of this year, it found that

Between Oct. 22 and Nov. 18, there were 70 text messages between White’s cellphone and Cain’s cellphone. Some were as early as 4:54 a.m., and some came late into the night.

Gosh! That’s horrible of Mr. Cain. How could the beast stoop so low? However,

A review of the records by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows Cain sent 17 [of the 70] text messages to White, almost always responding to messages from her. (Insert added)

Aside from that one article, I’ve seen nothing about the October 22 – November 18 text messages.

There have been lots of reports about sixty-one calls and messages during an earlier four month period, first reported as to and from Mr. Cain. Reports soon morphed — with no analysis whatever — into sixty-one calls and texts from Mr. Cain to Ms. White, indicating that he had made all of the calls and sent all of the messages. Similarly,  Mr. Cain’s acknowledgment that he had “been attempting to help her financially” quickly morphed into such headlines as “Cain admits paying woman” or words to similar effect.

I have attempted in an article entitled The Cain Campaign and Media-Morphing to dig into these things a bit deeper and to suggest what Mr. Cain should do if he is to regain his candidacy and to salvage his reputation.