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Chris Matthews Asks Barney Frank (!) if Newt Gingrich is 'Evil'

How to know if you’re a moral mess…if Barney Frank’s understanding of good and evil is sharper than your own, you might have a problem. Chris Matthews needs to see his priest asap.

Barney Frank once had a prostitution ring operating out of his house, he strongly defended Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while those Democrat piggy bank twins were revving up to wreck the economy, he authored Dodd-Frank, which is strangling community banks in America right now, and he has been among the most acidic presences in Washington since he got there. Asking him if someone else whose known sins don’t quite sink to the level to the known sins in Frank’s record is…well, hilarious, actually. From a moral point of view, it’s simply insane.

But. It’s not a good idea to just note that no one watches MSNBC, that Matthews has declined from interesting and relevant to complete hackery over the past few years, and move on. This is a preview of some of what the left might decide to throw at Gingrich as the GOP nominee. And unfortunately, Gingrich has built up an ample ammo supply for them. Stuff like this, which is old but, for most Americans and especially younger voters, quite new at least in the details. Skip past the serial marital infidelities and evident lack of personal integrity, to hit the policy problems posed by Gingrich’s temperament as he flits from one intellectual fad to the next. Or check out what Freddie Mac may have gotten for the money it lavished on the influential former Speaker of the House. It’s possible that Newt Gingrich’s role in the Fannie-Freddie collapse is nearly as disastrous as Barney Frank’s, only more insidious given the politics of the moment.

Support Gingrich, help him zoom to the top of the polls — but know what you’re getting before you sign on the dotted line.