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The Cain and Letterman Show

Here is a 24 minute video of Mr. Cain’s November 18th appearance on the Dave Letterman Show.
Contrary to the opinion expressed here, in an American Thinker Blog piece entitled “Cain steps into Letterman’s lion’s den and gets devoured,” I thought Mr. Cain did very well. It was a humorous interview, was obviously structured as such and his sense of humor was clear and refreshing. There were a few serious moments and during them he spoke well and substantively to make his points, using to best advantage the quite limited time he was given.

In October of 2009, I wrote an article at PJ Media entitled  “The U.S. is losing its Sense of Humor,” noting that

True, comedians still exist and some make lots of money. The jokes about Governor Palin during the recent presidential campaign produced laughter, and those about former President Bush and Vice President Cheney did as well. However, they and the laughter they produced were largely grounded in — and promoted — bitterness and the associated hatred. The few jokes directed at President Obama were much the same; there were then and there are now very few, because of the racism charges almost certain to be thrown at those making and laughing at them. Those accused, even wrongly, of racism are generally punished severely. “Code words” are found, and even unspoken and unintended words are heard subliminally and apologies must be forthcoming, even though they are not generally accepted.

Mr. Cain’s sense of humor, as displayed during the Letterman show, evidenced none of the bitterness mentioned there. That’s good.  He dealt humorously with a question about the campaign spot showing his campaign manager, Mr. Block, puffing on a cigarette.  It was not a politically correct spot, his response to the question was not PC and that’s good. Neither was his answer to the question about the differences between him and Donald Trump PC — he’s White and I’m Black.

If having Mr. Cain as our President were to accomplish nothing else, and I think it would, at the very least he could help to restore our sense of humor.  After years of drought we need it.