Activate...the MoonBat Signal!

Sheesh, but these occupy people and the media are in love with style over substance.

As Occupy Wall Street protesters marched across the Brooklyn Bridge last night, after an occasionally volatile day of protests, many gasped and cheered at an unexpected surprise: Their message was being projected back at them. Displayed prominently on the building at 375 Pearl Street, beneath a giant Verizon logo, was a scrolling chant in light: “99? / MIC CHECK! / LOOK AROUND / YOU ARE PART / OF A GLOBAL UPRISING,” and so on. Its creator, Mark Read, says the “bat signal” was conceived of as a “celebration of the birthday of Occupy Wall Street.” But how they pulled it off is the best part.


I’ll sum up the “best part.” The hipster used electricity from a rent-controlled low-income apartment and a fancy $10,000 Sony projector to put the words on a building on the opposite side of the street. An art firm designed the graphics. It probably took them all of 15 minutes in either Motion or After Effects. I could have done that part in my sleep. But unlike people whose sole purpose in life seems to be squatting on others’ property, pestering kids and ignoring their own crime wave, I have better things to do.

Now the poor person in the apartment will get stuck with the tab for the electricity (the moonbat signal guy wanted to pay, she declined, which may hint at why she lives in squalor), which was probably either generated by burning coal or splitting atoms. These moonbats allegedly hate both of those things. Sony is a global corporate beast that the occupiers ought to despise, except that, like Deutsche Bank’s lobby in the Daily Show video, it’s temporarily useful to them.


These occupiers are nothing but retrograde leeches.

Update: Why doesn’t this get a mention in their cheezy little motion graphic?


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