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Newt in Lead According to Fox News Poll

National Fox News poll just released: Gingrich 23, Romney 22, Cain 15.

Among Tea Party supporters, Gingrich takes a commanding lead with 35% while Cain is at 20% and Romney 15%. Newt is also the most trusted with a nuclear weapon at 30%; Romney is second with 17%.

This comes on the heels of yesterday’s McClatchy-Marist Poll that shows Newt is the strongest Republican candidate to defeat President Obama, down only 2% (45-47%) overall but leading 47-41% among independent voters.

There has been a lot of news today criticizing the former speaker about his relationship with Freddie Mac.

So here are two things you might not have read:

Professor Jacobson writes at Legal Insurrection why he supports Newt. Matt Lewis writes at the Daily Caller why the Freddie Mac story is completely overblown.