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Super-Committee Republicans Cave on “No Taxes” Pledge

Just two weeks ago, Republicans on the Congressional 12-member deficit reduction “super-committee” were unwilling to consider new taxes. Instead, they wanted to cut federal government spending $2.2 trillion over the next decade, $700 billion more than required. This was rejected by super-committee Democrats.

Today, those same GOP representatives offered a $1.5T plan that includes $300 billion in new taxes. Again, the Democrats rejected the proposal.

And why should the Democrats have accepted it, now that the “no new taxes” Republicans have begun folding? Why not wait until Republicans offer a $2.2T plan that includes $2.2T in new taxes?

You shouldn’t be surprised by this new development. This “deficit reduction” Kabuki Theater was scripted at the outset. The GOP hasn’t the spine necessary to shut down the fed, nor do they have the spine to shrink the government bureaucracy. The only thing shrinking is their…well, let’s just say that the only person on that committee capable of wearing pants is Patty Murray.