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How Unpresidential! Get A Load of What this Doofus Said...

He can’t even pronounce simple words correctly.

The idiot doesn’t even know how many states there are.

Talk about having a brain fart. This dude just runs off the rails and has no idea what he’s talking about. Breathalyzer? Seriously?

When he matches wits with a kid, he comes up short.

Whatever you do, don’t ask him about his faith. He doesn’t seem to know what he believes.

Forget naming government departments he would cut. He can’t even name his own friends.

And he seems to have a dismissive attitude toward women in the workplace.

What an oaf.

By the way, I caught Shep Smith mocking Rick Perry’s debate gaffe on Fox a bit earlier. Leave aside the fact that Smith committed gross journalistic malpractice in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. He’s paid, really, to do one thing: Be good on TV. Read words on a screen, ask a few questions someone else writes for him. That’s his only job.

Being good on TV, Shep’s only job. Language warning.

Just read the words on the screen, Shep. That’s all you have to do.