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More Women Coming Out About Cain

The news gets worse for Herman Cain.  One wonders how much longer this has to go on.  It feels like the Gennifer Flowers bimbo explosions in 1991 all over again,  complete with circling the wagons around Governor Clinton.  Is the GOP doing the same thing?

Sure, the media are biased. True.  CNN is obsessed with Cain.  True.  Cain is screwing this up with weird haphazard and shifting categorical denials. True.   But it is starting to appear that some other things may be true. The die-hard Cain supporters will be the last to abandon him.  But one thing is also true – Cain is heavily damaged.  A heavily damaged candidate is not the best horse to ride into November.  As someone who admires Cain, it is a real tragedy to watch unfold.

First it was T-Paw.  Then Bachmann rose and fell.  Perry was the great hope, and didn’t deliver.  Then Cain swirled in until something else swirled harder.

Enter Newt.