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Central Plains Rattled by Earthquake

So there I was last night, putting together a birthday gift for my two year old granddaughter when the house started shaking. Now I knew there’d been an earth quake early Saturday morning down in Oklahoma. (I live in Kansas just a few miles from the Oklahoma border.) But honestly I didn’t really realize what had just happened until after the mild shaking stopped. Then I just said “nifty,” and went back to putting together a plastic kitchen.

So then I see this on Fox News:

SPARKS, Okla. – Oklahoma residents more accustomed to tornadoes than earthquakes have been shaken by weekend temblors that cracked buildings, buckled a highway and rattled nerves. One quake late Saturday was the state’s strongest ever and jolted a college football stadium 50 miles away.
It was followed by 10 aftershocks by midmorning Sunday. But although homes and other buildings cracked and suffered minor damage, there were no reports of severe injuries or major devastation.

Saturday night’s earthquake jolted Oklahoma State University’s stadium shortly after the No. 3 Cowboys defeated No. 17 Kansas State.

Honestly I’m more upset about the loss to OSU than I am the earthquake. Besides, I’m sure the whole thing is either a Republican plot against the Anointed One, or all global warming’s fault.

If you think I’m kidding, wait and watch. There’s been an uptick in earthquakes in Oklahoma the last few years and I’d bet dollars to donuts some AGW wingnut will be on MSNBC this week “explaining” how climate change is causing cracked walls in the sooner state.