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Left conflates mob violence and random outrage with democracy

The press, as well as random Democrat commentators and politicians, all of whom have been enraptured by the wonderfulness of the Occupy movement, keep using the phrase “democracy in action.” (You can see examples of that here, here and here.)

I find this take confusing. To me, this is democracy in action:

This, however, is merely mob violence (some NTFW language):

(Or view the video here.)

Mob rule is by definition the antithesis of democracy, because only the loudest and most violent citizens, rather than all citizens, have a voice.

Of course, it’s questionable whether, after 40 years of Leftist education in American schools, all citizens are capable of having a voice. One Facebooker figured out what’s really go on. (If you’re a Facebook user, go here to “like” this great image.)

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