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Sharia in action: Hyatt Houston Cancels Pam Geller

From Atlas Shrugs:

I am on the road but just got word that CAIR thugs intimidated Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land into cancelling their event tonight where I was scheduled to speak. Giving tea party organizers little time to find a new venue, the Hyatt Place in Sugarland caved to Islamic pressure yesterday and agreed to enforce the blasphemy law under the sharia. Cowards. Dhimmis.

Free speech, the cornerstone of our constitutional republic, is in serious jeopardy. Under the sharia, criticism of Islam is blasphemy (punishable by death in Muslims countries living under the sharia). This is the death of free speech in the continuing Islamization of America.

Hyatt Place Houston/Sugar Land received a couple of threatening calls and they surrendered to Islamic supremacists without even firing a shot.