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Texas Homeland Security requests investigation of alleged DHS leaker after PJM story

I can report new developments following up on my exclusive PJM report last Wednesday that Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council member Mohamed Elibiary allegedly shopped sensitive intel taken from a secure state and local law enforcement database to a left-leaning media outlet purportedly to slam Texas governor and GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry as an “Islamophobe”.

In my story last week I confirmed with Texas Dept. of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw that Elibiary had in fact recently accessed TX DPS documents marked “For Official Use Only” from the DHS State and Local Intelligence Community of Interest (HS SLIC).

Now I can confirm that following the publication of my report, McCraw contacted DHS Deputy Undersecretary for Intelligence and Analysis Bart Johnson by phone and requested an investigation into the matter.

But when Napolitano was questioned last Wednesday by Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX01) during a House Judiciary Committee hearing about the matter, the DHS Secretary was non-committal about an investigation into Elibiary’s alleged misconduct:

Gohmert: … Secretary, were you aware that a week ago today, from his home computer, he accessed the SLIC database, got information off and has been shopping a story to national media on islamophobia … [inaudible]… at the Governor of Texas and the security folks in Texas. Were you aware of that?

Napolitano: No.

Gohmert: I’m telling you, it happened. Do we need to appoint somebody or will you have that investigated yourself, and if so, by whom?

Napolitano: Well, since I don’t know the facts, I’ll have to look into that.

Meanwhile, Napolitano’s Public Affairs office continues to stone wall my requests for information. When I spoke with DHS spokesman Christ Ortman last Wednesday morning and specifically asked when and how Elibiary got access to the HS SLIC database, he abruptly replied that he would have to get back to me and hung up. I have not received any call back. I’ve repeated this request in an email sent to Ortman on Friday with no reply.

I’ll keep PJ Media readers informed in further developments as we get them.