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Super Committee Reminder: Feds Increased Spending by 29% in Last Four Years

In other words, it’s not a revenue (read: tax increase) problem.  It’s a spending problem.

As we first pointed out in April:

2007 Federal Budget: $2.73 trillion.

Note: This was the last all Republican budget – the House, Senate and White House were at the time all run by the Rs.

2011 Federal Budget: $3.82 trillion.

Note: 2011 is an estimated total.  Because the Democrats that were at the time running the House, Senate and White House didn’t write a budget – because they were afraid to go on the record with how much they actually wanted to spend in advance of the 2010 election.

Meaning – it could have been WORSE.

That is a $1.09 TRILLION increase – in just the last four years.  A 29% increase – in just the last four years.

So when the Democrat members of the Super Committee propose $1.3 trillion in new taxes – they are woefully missing the point, and the true solution.

And that solution is: Stop Spending.  In fact, dramatic cuts are in order.

Stop looking for/counting on new sources of government money – especially silly when they are one-time-only in nature (like, say, spectrum auctions.  Which are a great idea spectrum-wise – but are a terrible idea deficit/debt-wise).

It is not a lack of government money problem.

The federal deficit this year was/is $1.5 trillion – which means the government collected $2.3 trillion.  That is plenty.  More than too much, actually.

So to the Super Committee – and everyone else in Washington:

Stop looking for more coin.  And just cut spending now.