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Missy Owens - VP Biden's Niece - Is Part Of The Solyndra Scandal

Although it has received scant attention, one of the central figures involved the Solyndra scandal may be Missy Owens, the niece of Vice President Joe Biden.

Missy, whose real name is Valerie James Owens, is the Energy Department’s deputy Chief of Staff.  She served in that capacity when the Solyndra $535 million loan guarantee was approved.

Owens’ name is on a number of e-mails and documents about Solyndra, including a September 2009 DOE “Events Memo.The memo starts by quoting the Vice President who predicted the Solyndra loan guarantee would be regarded as “the foundation of our 21st century economy.” Owens was involved in the timing of the groundbreaking ceremony that got the Vice President to extol the virtues of the company.

Politics in the Biden world is a family affair. Owens’ mother, Valerie Biden Owens is the Vice President’s sister.  She ran political campaigns for her brother Joe.  Missy also served as a campaign manager for her brother Joe “Beau” Biden.

Rep. Cliff Stearns, chairman of the House Oversight and Investigation subcommittee will be leading a number of hearings in November on the Solyndra affair.  At this time it appears DOE will not provide Missy Owens as a witness.