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Perry Didn't 'Wade Into Birtherism' (Updated)

The media keeps asking Rick Perry and other GOP candidates about Obama’s birth certificate in ways that look more and more like an oath of loyalty. It says something, not good, about our national press that they keep asking about trivia while the world seems to be burning down around us. But they do, and the latest to get queried about it is Rick Perry.

Asked directly about it, Perry says he hasn’t seen Obama’s grades — none of us have, actually, and the media is incurious about that — and then dismisses it all as a “distraction.” That’s exactly what it is. The next GOP contender to get asked about this might be wise to turn the question right back on the reporter to shame them and brush back others intending to ask it in the future. A response along the lines of “Look, we have a failed president, 9.1% unemployment, unsustainable national debt thanks to the president’s irresponsible spending spree, an entitlement crisis, and crises from the Middle East to Europe. These are serious times, I have plans to address the president’s multiple failures, and you’re wasting time asking me about his birth certificate?” And then not give that reporter another interview.

Brush them back off the plate. It worked for Derek Holland in Arlington the other night. It’ll probably work for a GOP candidate.

Update: So meeting with Donald Trump and then responding to a media question now constitute “keeping the Birther issue alive“? Really? Some of us are doing the MSM’s work for them.