PJ Morning Report - October 20

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Good morning!  It’s Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here is the news since you went to bed: 

MUMMAR QADDAFI HAS BEEN CAPTURED.  If true his trial in the Hague could rival Saddam’s. (Update: Killed?)

OWS tars Obama as part of the “money elite” after record Wall Street haul in announced.”You can’t be a corrupter and a reformer at the same time.

Can Greek violence appear at OWS protests in the U.S.?   Molotov cocktails are thrown during the Occupy Rome demo as part of the violence throughout the country.
Obama’s team rev up its attack machine on Romney. Republicans might rue the day when they debated in Vegas among themselves without really mentioning the incumbent President. 

DOE has altered old press releases to remove Solyndra name and replace it with two other solar companies.  An old Kremlin Politburo trick is revived in Washington.

Steve Forbes is advising Rick Perry on his flat tax proposal. Perry’s economic plan may appear disjointed but conservatives’ most revered tax reformer is cheering on Perry while dissing Romney.


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