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Occupiers Eat Like Kings, But Aren't Big on Reporting Sexual Assault

There are two different occupational armies in this post, the one on Wall Street and the one in Baltimore. The one on Wall Street seems to be taking gourmet food out of the mouths of the city’s homeless.

“We’re running a five-star restaurant down there,’’ crowed Eric Smith, 38, the ex-le Chef de Tournant at the Sheraton in Midtown, who works out of a soup kitchen in East New York, Brooklyn, churning out the meals for more than 1,000 protesters every day.

“The other day, we made some wonderful salmon cakes with dill sauce and some quinoa salad and a wonderful tomato salad with fennel and red onion,’’ he said.

“We use organic, grass-fed meats, and the other day, we made a wonderful fried rice and root vegetables and all kinds of soup.”

So last night, for example, while your family of four may have been forced to resort to Hamburger Helper, thanks to Smith’s culinary magic, hordes of Occupy Wall Street protesters instead feasted on organic chicken, spaghetti Bolognese, roasted beet and sheep’s milk-cheese salad and wild heirloom potatoes.

Most of the produce, grass-fed meat and organic chicken is donated from small organic farms upstate, including Northland Sheep Dairy, West Haven Farm and Wide Awake Bakery in Ithaca, and several farms in Connecticut and Vermont.

When food is ready for the protesters, a driver collects crates from each of the cooperative farms and drives to New York City with a truckload of goodies.

How nice for the protesters. They’re not even having to rough it, thanks to the soup kitchen and the help of local farms and churches that ordinarily feed the homeless. This isn’t an authentic protest; it’s summer camp. With better food.

The occupiers in Baltimore seem to have a problem with sexual assault among their campers at the city’s Inner Harbor. They have actually drafted an entire security statement devoted to the issue, with this kicker.

Though we do not encourage the involvement of the police in our community, the survivor has every right, and the support of Occupy Baltimore, to report the abuse to the appropriate law enforcement.

Any member of the Occupy Baltimore community who believes he/she/they have been a victim of, are aware of, or suspect a commission of sexual abuse, are encouraged to immediately report the incident to the Security Committee. T (sic)

The point person for dealing with these situations will be Koala! (sic) Largess, (443) 642-XXXX.

Survivors of Sexual Abuse will be given the support, resources, and assistance needed for their emotional and physical health.

The fact that Charm City’s occupiers published this statement at all says something very disturbing about that group. What on earth is going on at that camp, that Harm City’s occupiers put this statement out there on paper? We’re not talking about petty crime here, but sexual assault. Depending on the severity of the crime, sexual assault can range from a misdemeanor to full blown felony. But I’m sure Koala Largess (!) is more than capable of acting as cop, investigator, judge and jury.

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