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Videos: Romney Adviser Eric Fehrnstrom and Wayne Newton Weigh in on the Debate

First up, Eric Fehrnstrom, longtime Romney adviser who, to no one’s surprise, repeatedly says that Romney won the debate, and that Perry got booed. About four minutes in, Fehrnstrom glosses over Romney’s domestic illegal alien problem, and then dishonestly blames Perry for Texas having lots of illegal aliens. By that logic, it’s also Arizona’s fault that it has an illegal alien problem, and it’s the fault of every other state that they have illegal alien problems, including Massachusetts when Romney was governor and Fehrnstrom acknowledges that there was a problem at the time. Notably not criticized: The federal government, which has as its constitutional duty the protection of our borders. Not a very effective spin job on the part of Mr. Fehrnstrom, who reminds me a bit of Robert Gibbs for some reason.

Next up, PJTV’s Alexis Garcia caught up with Vegas icon and longtime Republican Wayne Newton and asked him what he thought of the debate. “They put on a good show,” says the man who has been playing Vegas year in and year out for decades now.