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ACLU and George Soros: Voter Fraud Enablers

Maine Secretary of State Charlie Summers is being accused of “voter intimidation” by the ACLU and a Soros-funded group called Demos.  Summers is closely examining whether or not students are illegally voting in Maine while remaining registered in their home state.  For this, the ACLU and Demos have sent a nasty letter accusing Summers of violating Section 11(b) of the Voting Rights Act, the same provision that the Justice Department used to bring a case, and then drop, against the New Black Panther Party.  The partisan inconsistency from these groups is delicious.  I wrote in my new book Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department:

There is an enormous and well-funded industry of voter fraud deniers that provides an intellectual smokescreen for this lawlessness. Justin Levitt, then of the Brennan Center for Justice, summed up the industry’s outlook when he claimed voter fraud was as pervasive as “Sasquatch.”  Closely linked with fellow travelers in academia, this movement comprises left-wing activist groups and think tanks such as Project Vote, the Brennan Center for Justice, and Demos. The NAACP is also a voter fraud denier, and there are no signs it will change its view even though a local NAACP executive committee member, Lessadolla Sowers of Tunica, Mississippi, was found guilty in April 2011 of ten counts of absentee ballot fraud. In her photograph at the NAACP website, Sowers is sporting an “Obama for President” button on her blouse.

No doubt they are trying to scare Summers, who merely needs to examine the New Black Panther dismissal for guidance about how the Justice Department interprets Section 11(b), at least for defendants in the Democratic Party.  And what did the ACLU or Demos have to say about the armed New Black Panther poll patrols?  Did they send a letter to the Justice Department complaining about the dismissal?  Don’t bet on it.  But if a reader can find one, they get a free copy of my book Injustice.