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WSJ reports: 'Romney's Support Is Broader Than It Seems'

Romney’s Support Is Broader Than It Seems is another pebble on the pathway to Romney’s inevitability. The WSJ’s Gerald Seib writes that Romney is the “Steady Eddie of American politics, circa 2011,” and he argues that this is a good position for Romney to be in.  No roller coaster rides for Mitt, while others around him have soared high and low, fast and furious.

It is Romney’s steadiness that keeps him moving forward. No drama, no weakness.  Seib analyzes Mitt’s bland, flat, but consistent numbers and spins them to perfection thus yielding the headline.

But here is the gem at the end of the piece.

“Democratic pollster Peter Hart, who co-directs the Journal/NBC News poll with Republican Bill McInturff, says Mr. Romney is the kind of candidate who inspires “respect, not passion.” Such candidates sometimes fail (Michael Dukakis, Robert Dole), but sometimes succeed (George H.W. Bush). Their fate may be more a function of their times than anything else.”

“Respect, not passion,” is that what the American people want from a presidential candidate in 2012?  Did we get our fill of passion in 2008 with Obama?  Are we now ready for some respect?  Is so, than Mitt Romney will most likely be the next President of the United States.


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