Obama: Republicans Want 'Dirtier Air, Dirtier Water, Less People with Health Care'

Couple this with Nancy Pelosi accusing Republicans of wanting women to “die on the floor.” Those Democrats…they got us! Because, of course, we Republicans don’t like to breathe, or drink water, or stay healthy. And there are no Republican women. Doesn’t everybody know this?


“My plan says we’re going to put teachers back in the classrooms, construction workers back to work,” President Obama said at a campaign event today. “Tax cuts for small businesses, tax cuts for hiring veterans, tax cuts if you give your workers a raise –- that’s my plan.”

“The Republicans plan, Obama says, boils down to this: ‘Dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance.'”

Well, that’s that for whatever was left of post partisanship. His plan is to keep on spending other people’s money on whatever he can think of. The Republican plan, to the extent that there is one, is to undo the damage this president is doing via over spending and regulatory fiat. Rather than defend his record, this president is engaging in the most divisive, extreme and dishonest rhetoric of any president in living memory. It’s no longer mere class warfare, it’s cultural warfare, in which the president is attempting to paint everyone who disagrees with him as not merely wrong, but murderous and un-Americans. There’s no reasoning with this president, there is only defeating him.


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