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Solyndra Loss? $535 Million. General Motors Loss? $10-$20 BILLION. Which is Worse. Track the Looming, Huge Government Motors Loss at – and Sign the Pledge to Ensure We’re Made Whole

Less Government today announces the launch of  Which tracks to the second the tens of billions of dollars We the People will lose on the General Motors (GM) bailout – the moment the Barack Obama Administration decides to sell the 500 million shares We the People still own.

President Obama once promised us “American taxpayers are now positioned to recover more than my administration invested in GM.”

For We the People to just break even on the GM bailout, our shares need to be sold at $53 per.  They are currently trading at around $20 – a $16.5 billion loss. also has a Pledge: “I will not buy any Government Motors products until they’ve paid back the American taxpayers.” Which we Americans can sign – to register our disdain for the tens of billions of dollars in looming losses.  And to put on notice Government Motors and the federal government – that We the People need to be made whole.

Less Government President Seton Motley:

“The Solyndra taxpayer loss was very, very bad.  The looming, extra-large General Motors taxpayer loss is going to be 20-25 times worse.  Somewhere between $10 and $20 billion – set to be poured down the Government Motors rat hole. allows We the People to track the tens of billions of dollars the federal government has set us up to lose on Government Motors.  And allows us to sign the Pledge – promising not to purchase any Government Motors products until We the People are paid back.  Americans making that promise will put pressure on GM to pay us all the way back – and on the government to make sure that it does.

“We the People are rightly upset with the government’s serial, incessant wastes of our money.  Government Motors looms as possibly the largest loss of all.  The titanic tally must be tracked, and the government made to feel the heat – which allows us to do – so that We the People can ensure we are finally made whole.”