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Endangered species spotted at Occupy SF: The last "Coffee Party" member in America

By now there have been at least 15 attempts to create a left-wing version of the Tea Party, the latest of course being the “Occupy…” movement. But the original failed copycat group was “The Coffee Party,” hailed one day by the New York Times as the next big thing, and by the following afternoon a national laughingstock.

Like me, you may have thought that the Coffee Party was long extinct, but while out loon-watching yesterday at the Occupy S.F. nesting grounds, I spotted the rarest of rare creatures: the last remaining “Coffee Party” member in the country! :

And you know the spookiest thing about it? Standing right behind her was Barack Obama, half-heartedly disguised in an SF Giants cap, trying to see for himself what these Occupiers are all about:

These photos are just a teaser for my latest “Occupy” report, entitled US Military 1 — Occupy Movement 0, now ready for your viewing pleasure.

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