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NASA's James Hansen: One of Obama's 'Millionaire and Billionaire'...Bureaucrats?

This most recent production out of NASA under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) noted at the Tatler here, in response to the American Tradition Institute’s FOIA request and now lawsuit seeking certain ethics-related records of NASA astronomer James Hansen, begs an interesting question:

How the heck is an astronomer making $180,000 per year at NASA one of those “millionaires and billionaires” President Obama keeps coming after — you know the ones, making $250,000 per year or more? Because we’ve found that he’s making that figure just on the side every year, from parties enamored of the way he uses his taxpayer-funded perch for activism, like getting media love for promiscuously swinging around Nazi analogies and chaining himself to the White House fence.

Possibly as entertaining as viewing his financial station this way is that his wealth arose during and sprang almost directly from the George W. Bush presidency, which he so clearly and forcefully reviled. To great acclaim and troubling outside…$upport.

The miracle is that he has continued generating so much income under Obama’s tenure. Mr. Hansen, what’s your secret?

Assuming all goes as the relevant laws appear to dictate is just and proper, we’ll ultimately find out. Word has it that there is interest on Capitol Hill in getting some answers on this latest stonewall by the most transparent administration in history.


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