CORRECTED: Last Night’s ‘Complete Abuse of Power’ – Senate Democrat Leader Reid’s Authoritarian Power Grab

Less Government President Seton Motley issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s unprecedented Democrat Leader Harry Reid authoritarian power grab.  Where Senator Reid led (with but one Democrat defection) a 51-48 Party-line vote to jam through an abuse-of-the-Minority Senate rules change.


An usurpation of power Reid executed – so as to block Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s reach-across-the-aisle effort to have a vote on President Barack Obama’s alleged “jobs” bill.  Per the President’s repeated requests.

“The Democrats are arrogant with power. If they don’t like the rules, they break them. If they don’t like someone standing in their way, they attack them. We have Democrats in the Senate throwing out 200 years of Senate history.”

“It’s a complete abuse of power by the Democrats and if they can get away with this here, they will get away with this on legislation like Social Security too. There is no distinction.”

“This abuse of power is not what our founders intended.”

“I urge the Senate to reject any attempt to do away with the system of checks and balances our founding fathers created to protect the rights and voices of all Americans.”

“They are there for a reason and must be protected against the power crazed and arrogant Leftists.”

“If they can do away with debate in the Senate, they can get whatever they want.”



These words did not emanate from Less Government President Seton Motley.  They were (with but minor alterations) said in April 2005 by then Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid – in protest of the discussion of the possibility of the Republican Senate then-Majority doing almost exactly what Reid and his fellow Senate Democrats actually did last night.

Less Government and Seton Motley apologize for the confusion.

So too should Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid.

LEGEND: In the quotes above, substitute “Republicans” for “Democrats” and “neo-conservatives” for “Leftists.”


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