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Perry Video: Jobs 101

Rick Perry schools Barack Obama on the right way, and the wrong way, to go about creating jobs.

What you hear in the second part of that video is the Perry jobs plan, four conservative principles for governing that lead to a strong economy. Texas’ job creation record stands as the real-world lab test result. True, it’s not a 59-point book-length treatise full of serious-sounding stuff, but just as true, it’s a set of principles that stands a chance of becoming policy because they would guide what a President Perry would do. Candidates can campaign on the Fair Tax or the Flat Tax or 59 Points or even 9-9-9 all they want, but Congress never sees itself as beholden to any of them. These plans are meant to impress, but sit on shelves collecting dust or become weed-gathering links on the campaign web site. I’ll take clear principle directly from the candidate over a staff generated “master plan” that’ll never see the light of day, any day.