Toxic! Unelectable!

One candidate for president is a career politician who is mired in a shady real estate deal, may have corrupted the legal system to win an election, has known and suspected ties to a radical racist group comparable to the Klan, and even has deep political and personal ties to separatists and terrorists.


That candidate hails from a region of the country known for its corruption and dirty politics. The candidate in question may have gamed the system to get a very close crony a cushy, very well paying job — which that crony has taken pains to cover up. Given the opportunity, this candidate empowers the most poisonous characters to push the most bizarre, even anti-American, politics. The candidate himself has admitted his desire to be a dictator, more than once.

The candidate is also known to string out gaffes with regularity, raising fair questions about the quality of his intellect.

While guilt by association is always a tricky business, every new thing we learn about this candidate and his chosen allies tells us that he is out of the mainstream, dishonest and corrupt. He consistently associates himself with extremists, making it fair to ask if he is an extremist himself. This candidate has not once come clean with the American people. This candidate would be utterly unelectable, except for two facts: He is a Democrat, and he is already President of the United States.


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