Obama to America: It's Not Me, It's You

Break-ups are always painful for one side or the other, sometimes both. When you know you’re going to get dumped, when you feel it in your bones and know there’s nothing you can do about it, you can mitigate the imminent pain with a pre-emptive break-up. Though you don’t really want things to end, in a pre-emptive break-up you get to make the call, you get to say the words, you get to be the person who can say they walked away.


Even though all you really did was force the inevitable to happen a bit earlier.

Is this what Barack Obama did with his “America’s gone soft” comment?

I’m starting to think so. I’m starting to think that President Obama realizes that the slice of America that elected him has fallen out of love with him, and so he has pre-emptively given them the old heave ho.

Why else would he say that America has “gone soft”? It’s not like Barry Obama rolled into the White House after a decorated career in the Marine Corps, or off his fame as a quarterback killing middle linebacker. He’s a skinny egghead who wears mom jeans, can’t throw a baseball and looks like an overgrown kid when he rides a bike. Whatever phrases come to mind when you think of Barack Obama, “manly man” isn’t one of them. Barack Obama doesn’t come from the blue collar America that gets the oil out of the ground, keeps the grid working, locks up the criminals and mans our military bases on the DMZ. He doesn’t come from the part of America that produces Chuck Norris, fighter pilots and contestants for Top Shot. That’s just not Obama. So who is he to say that anyone has “gone soft”?


Barack Obama is from liberal, soft America. He’s from the part of America that wishes the Pentagon had to depend on bake sales to survive. He’s from the part of America that doesn’t think America is exceptional. He’s a former community organizer, not a business developer or wildcatter. He has always depended on others, and has never made his own way in life. The man who says America has “gone soft” elevated schoolyard bullying to a presidential issue.

In the part of America that never liked Obama, we don’t even know what to do with “community organizers.” We know what real estate developers are, and we know what city managers are, but “community organizers”? As for bullies, they get punched in the nose. Twice, if once doesn’t deliver the message. We don’t whine about bullies, or much of anything else, to the White House. That part of America isn’t soft. It’s Jacksonian on national defense and “leave me alone” in its relationship to the government. Barack Obama doesn’t really understand that part of America, and now the part that did love him, doesn’t.


The polls we all see are telling him that the relationship is on the rocks. The Obama campaign’s internal polls, the more expensive and accurate polls, may be telling him the same thing but in a stronger tone. It’s not on the rocks; it’s history. Barry, sorry, but America’s just not that into you. And they’re not going to let you down easy next year. They would break up with you right now if they could.

So Barry has decided to make the first move, even though he dies a little bit inside: You’ve gone soft, America. It’s not me, it’s you. I…am breaking up….with you.


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