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Obama, Our Post Post-Racial President

With his usual brilliance, Victor Davis Hanson has spoken the cold hard truth in his most recent article, “Obama’s Racial Crisis: Our post-racial president has set race relations back decades.”

It undeniably is the case that cries of “racism”– once a deadly serious charge — no longer register to the vast majority of our countrymen.  And for good reason.  One of the saddest examples was listening to the recent CNN interview where the ‘generally beloved’ and respected actor Morgan Freeman leveled an objectively false claim of “racism” against millions of decent ‘Tea Party’ Americans who simply object to the destructive political policies — as opposed to the skin color — of this president.  Like Mr. Freeman’s uncharitable words, the multitudinous cries of “racism” emanating from the left are now falling on more discerning (and by now quite properly deaf) ears.  Sadly, that is a dangerous thing because real racism is a terrible scourge whenever and wherever it raises its ugly head.  It is something all good men should fight against.  But to Obama and his ilk, “racism” and “racist” have become nothing more than empty (though once-explosive) perjoratives that are now being wildly and cynically employed to slander his political opponents.  For all his supposed brilliance, Obama apparently never learned the simple lesson from “Peter and the Wolf” (the latter probably being forbidden reading these days due to objections raised from the PETA crowd).