Iran on the Attack

So says one of their top strategists, as reported by the indispensable Potkin Azarmehr.  Hassan Azdaghi lays it out in words clear enough for even Joe Biden to understand:


This America and the West, they go and bomb, loot and occupy any where they like and even officially say we came and we will come again too. Yet if we say quietly, we provide moral support for our brothers in Iraq and Palestine, they say ‘you shouldn’t, you are terrorists’. No, we should provide explicit support, you explicitly say you come to occupy and we should explicitly say and we are here to confront your occupation, we have a religious duty. The Islamic revolution of Iran is the mother of all Islamic revolutions, and Iran is the second home of all the Jihadi combatants around the world.

And so, the Iranians are going “operational” in our part of the world:

We have to prepare for a global battle, our intelligence units, operation units and subversion units [laughs] have to be prepared…to go and fight in Latin America, go to East of Asia and fight, go to Middle Asia and liberate their Muslim brothers, go to the heart of Europe, just like when our units set foot in Lebanon, the situation n Lebanon and Palestine changed. When they went to Bosnia, the situation in Bosnia and the Balkans changed, until then Muslims in Bosnia kept getting hit, its only when the message of our martyrs and the style of our Jihad went to Bosnia that the situation in Bosnia changed.


I don’t suppose you remember the Balkans, when some of us were pointing to Iranian involvement, only to be told we were nuts.  Well, it seems at least one high-ranking Iranian official has now confesssed.

And wants more.



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