Ford Gets Calls from the White House, Pulls Anti-Bailout TV Ad

Consider this mild dissent crushed. Sure enough, the official ad is gone from YouTube.

The ad came under fire earlier this month when various media outlets began to point out Ford’s apparent hypocricy, noting that while the automaker did not receive a government bailout, CEO Alan Mulally urged Congress to aid the industry and accepted various federal loans.

The Dearborn-based automaker is not commenting on the decision to pull the ad, but Daniel Howes of The Detroit News reports that “individuals within the White House” called Ford and questioned whether the spot criticized the policy Mulally had repeatedly supported.

An industry source said White House did not pressure Ford to remove the ad, but Howes suggested it was pulled in response to the call.


The White House didn’t have to exert any overt pressure. The call alone is enough. Nice company ya got there…be a shame if you have to deal with a labor strike in this economy…

Update: More here. We’ve had, in the space of a day, news of the White House coming down on a mildly dissenting private corporation, and a Democratic governor calling for the suspension of elections. The left’s desperation to cling to power is becoming dangerous.


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