Actually, It's Pretty Easy Being Green

Just a reminder that, as Pajamas Media wrote here, here and here among other places, the Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, at the time the Solyndra boondoggle was being rushed through around due diligence and other practices, was headed up by Cathy Zoi.


You know the one, who another FOIA revealed was the driving force behind DoE publishing an unprecedented (according to internal emails) ‘report’ trying to smear the Spanish study warning of what Obama’s policies would lead to, what with Obama having cited disastrous Spain as his model? Then, DoE worked with the American Wind Energy Association as their ‘cutout’ liaison with the Center for American Progress, and the Union of Concerned Scientists, to derail the attention being given to the expose’ which has been proved out by the Spanish government’s own internal documents to have been correct.

After developing quite a record of controversy she is now back in the private sector working for George Soros’s ‘green’ investment venture. Huh.

Just a little history to keep in mind as DoE’s deadline looms to comply with my September 2 request under the Freedom of Information Act seeking:

any and all record(s), defined here as correspondence and any memoranda, analysis, other communications cited therein or attached, which were created, received and/or held by DoE’s Office of Congressional & Intergovernmental Affairs, or Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, which were sent to or from any of the following:
1) the office(s) of Congressman Fortney “Pete” Stark [integral at the time to President Obama’s push to get the touchy penalty/tax issue finessed in the House, in whose district Solyndra’s utterly unnecessary ‘Fabrication 2″ facility was built despite Fab 1…hey, there’s got to be some explanation for why this happened, and it’s not like votes weren’t being, ah, courted, particularly among influential legislation-writing chairmen];
2) the company Solyndra;
3) [enumerated individuals and entities identified in public records as being paid representatives of and advocates for Solyndra before the federal government]



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