The Government’s Illegal Net Neutrality Internet Takeover to Begin November 20th – But It Can Be Stopped

The Federal Register’s publication of The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s illegal Net Neutrality regulations happened this week.  That is the final step towards their illegal implementation on November 20th.


The Federal Communications Commission on December 21st illegally voted themselves – in 3-2 Democrat Party-line fashion – Internet Overlords with their unauthorized imposition of the job-killing regulatory nightmare that is Network Neutrality.

The opposition to this unauthorized power grab was nearly universal.  The D.C. Circuit Court had already unanimously ruled that the FCC had no authority to do it.  The House of Representatives almost immediately passed to overturn the order a Congressional Review Act (CRA) Resolution of Disapproval.  Lawsuits to undo the order were readied by (at least) Verizon, Metro PCS and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

This multi-front push to undo this power grab – which everyone and their mother saw coming – froze the FCC in its tracks.  So the Commission slow-walked its illegal order’s illegal imposition.  And to aid in so doing violated another law – engaging in the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) process after voting, rather than before.  Now, more than nine months later, the FCC is finally about to give birth to its illegal Net Neutrality power grab.


It is now officially time for the Senate to do as the House did – pass the Congressional Review Act Resolution of Disapproval.  Thankfully, the serially obstructionist Senate Democrat Majority can’t filibuster the CRA; it requires only 51 votes to pass.  But the Senate must pass the CRA – and President Barack Obama must sign it – by November 20th.  Else the illegal, job-killing Net Neutrality power grab goes into terrible effect.

The Senate needs to immediately pass the CRA – and give President Obama the opportunity to put his pen where his deregulatory mouth has been.  He’s talked a good game, let’s now see if he’ll put those words into action – and sign the CRA so as to kill this illegal, job-killing Net Neutrality order.







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