Rangel Has New Portrait, and It's Not a Mug Shot

The Hill is reporting Charlie Rangel is about to be honored for his years of service to New York and indeed the nation:

On Thursday, House leaders will pay tribute to Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), less than a year after the House formally censured the former chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.
Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will speak at a ceremony to unveil Rangel’s official portrait as chairman of the storied committee, which the longtime New York Democrat led from 2007 until March 2010, when party leaders pressured him to give up the post amid a growing ethics scandal.
In December, the House voted overwhelmingly, 333-79, to censure Rangel over rules violations that stemmed from unpaid taxes on a villa he owned in the Dominican Republic, undisclosed financial assets and the improper use of his office for fundraising.


The portrait apparently cost $64,000 and was paid for out of Rangel’s campaign funds. All well and good I suppose, but the man is an inveterate liar and crook, who’s campaign irregularities go far beyond just the ethics trial and into alleged violations of federal election finance law, all of which are resume enhancers for a Democrat…


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