Howard Dean Cheers: Even if You Like Your Health Care, You Probably Won't Get to Keep It

And another of Barack Obama’s promises goes up in smoke.

Former Democratic National Committee Chairman, and doctor, Howard Dean backed a McKinsey & Co. survey today that found that almost a third of private-sector employers will drop their employee health insurance coverage when Obamacare’s government-managed insurance exchanges come online.

Dean told Morning Joe, “The fact is it is very good for small business. There was a McKinsey study, which the Democrats don’t like, but I do, and I think its true. Most small businesses are not going to be in the health insurance business anymore after this thing goes into effect.”

The reason Democrats fought so hard to dismiss the McKinsey survey when it was released is because its conclusion undermines two major claims  Obama made during health care debate: “If you like your health plan, you can keep it” and “It will not add one penny to the deficit.”


Video at the link. Dean thinks shifting workers’ insurance from company to government plans will be “good for small business,” obviously failing to account for who will end up having to pay the taxes to keep the government run program going. Obama has tipped that hand, proposing to hike taxes on everyone making over $200,000. That includes many small business owners.

So, no, none of this will be good for small business. But it will be pretty good for government bureaucrats and the leftists like Dean who can’t seem to create enough of them.


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