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Video: Bachmann Descends Into Self-Parody

The SNL parody of this video ought to be priceless. No mic, poor lighting, and a giant fake plant in front of a bland wall make this clip look very professional and worthy of a major presidential candidate. Or a hostage video.

In the video, Rep. Michele Bachmann fails to distinguish between a governor’s executive order regarding a single vaccination, which was done to make the vaccination more affordable and was overturned, and a mammoth 2-thousand page law that will transform at least one-sixth of the US economy. She coins “Perrycare” in a sad imitation of Tim Pawlenty’s Obamneycare, showing that originality is not her strong suit.

The video does, however, signal a small climb down on the safety of Gardasil, since Bachmann doesn’t mention the tearful Florida mom who probably doesn’t exist.

Bachmann says she opposes “any governor or president who mandates a family’s healthcare choices and violates the rights of parents on these issues.” That’s an extremely broad statement that invites scrutiny. The state of Minnesota mandates a number of vaccinations for children. There is no evidence that Bachmann, when she was a state legislator, ever weighed in on vaccinations at all.

As her money dries up, Bachmann is becoming desperate. This issue is not a winner for her, though. She is looking more like a crank with each passing day. It’s past time she moves on.

(via NRO)