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Letter from Kabul: Lessons of the Taliban Attack

My American source who has worked in the U.S. Government in Kabul has this to say about the lack of safety in the U.S. Embassy zone, a massive highly fortified compound. It is allegedly one of the most secure locations in all of Kabul:

“The lesson there is that no place, and I mean no place in Kabul issafe any longer.  Two RPGs landed onto three houses from the compound.  It is the very first time our staff had to retreat to the compound’s “safe” rooms. And, the fact that the bad guys stockpiled weapons in the building being constructed over several days shows that security at all levels failed. Then, the bad guys also took control of “Swimming Pool Hill,” just behind my house. That is also a very bad sign as that is s very strategic point.  The fact that those guys escaped from that high ground is also an indicator that “security” was complicit.