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Good Night, Michele. Your Time As A Serious Candidate Is Over.

Michele Bachmann’s former campaign manager, Ed Rollins, suggested that Bachmann should admit that she made a mistake in linking Gardasil to mental retardation, and move on. That was good advice, but Bachmann has rejected it and is now fundraising on junk science. She is also mischaracterizing her initial criticism of Perry on this. She did not lead in the debate with “crony capitalism” or “abuse of power,” but with alarm at the government needle causing 12-year-old girls to come down with mental illness as a side effect of getting immunized from the cancer-causing HPV virus. She claimed a mother came up to her after the debate and claimed her daughter developed mental problems after getting the vaccine. Absent any scientific evidence that Gardasil can causes such problems — and there is none — and absent any evidence that the Bachmann’s story actually happened — and there is none — it’s not out of bounds to wonder if she made the whole thing up. It’s all just a little too convenient.

We have enough junk scientists in politics, with Al Gore leading that clown parade. Bachmann has joined them. It’s time to move on from considering Bachmann as a serious candidate for the presidency. She isn’t. She’s done.