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9/11 Art: The Joe Bonham Project

If you’re near or around Brooklyn for 9/11 and the week after, stop by the Storefront Gallery in Bushwick. Writes the show’s curator James Panero at Arma Virumque:

9/11 did not end on 9/11. For American soldiers, 9/11 has been a decade-long day. As of this summer, over 44,000 troops have been wounded in conflicts following the attacks of September 11. Over 1,300 of them have undergone partial or full amputations.

“The Joe Bonham Project” represents the efforts of wartime illustrators to document the rehabilitation of these wounded warriors. Formed in early 2011 by Michael D. Fay, the Project takes its name from the central character in Johnny Got His Gun, Dalton Trumbo’s 1938 novel of a World War I soldier unable to communicate with the outside world due to the extent of his wounds. Through portraiture, artists from both military and civilian life now work to ensure that today’s soldiers do not become tomorrow’s Joe Bonhams.