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Play the MSNBC Drinking Game!

Watching MSNBC’s primetime lineup is akin to undergoing “enhanced interrogation tactics” for your average conservative.

Even without the illustrious Keith Olbermann, the channel’s array of progressive talking heads can leave one woozy from foggy political rhetoric.


With that in mind, here’s a new way to watch MSNBC that allows for minimal suffering. Whenever an MSNBC anchor mentions Halliburton, the Koch brothers or Dick Cheney you take a drink. If a host blames the current economic woes on tax cuts for the rich or the Bush Administration, bottoms up! If a conservative is called a racist or accused of employing coded language take another swig. And if the Rev. Al Sharpton delivers a monologue that plays fast and loose with the rules of grammer, well, you know what to do.

Choose your favorite alcoholic beverage, but shy away from the hard stuff since there’s a good chance you’ll be drinking a lot over the course of any given MSNBC show.

Now, be sure you’re in for the night before playing the MSNBC drinking game. We don’t want anyone driving while under the influence of alcohol or bogus political thinking.

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