Mickey and Minnie Declare War on Egyptian Islamists

Tatler sources have revealed (h/t Banafsheh) that Mickey and Minnie Mouse will shortly issue a declaration of war against the Egyptian Islamists who are suing an Egyptian publisher and political leader for publishing a cartoon portraying Mickey with a long beard and Minnie in a burka.  Radical Islamists declared the cartoon was an “insult to Islam.”


The unfortunate Egyptian has apologized, which, according to sources close to M & M, only made them angrier.  “What?” Minnie raged, “he apologizes to the Islamists?  He should have apologized to ME.”

Ms Mouse was furious at the very idea of being wrapped in a burka.  “Cover my perfect legs?  No way!” she reportedly yelled.  And Mickey was not happy about his beard.

The war declaration, according to the sources, will be sent to the United Nations right after Labor Day.


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