With AT&T Lawsuit, the Obama Administration is Yet Again Assaulting the Private Sector


Less Government President Seton Motley today issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s announcement of the Barack Obama Administration’s Department of Justice lawsuit filed to block the AT&T-T-Mobile merger:

“This is an Administration that has ensconced this nation in an inert economy and 9+% unemployment.  It has thusly demonstrated itself to be woefully ill-equipped to execute any sort of nuanced free market analysis.

“It certainly has no business stepping in to block a merger that is clearly in the best interest of the nation’s economic growth generally – and the consumers and future, new employees of the companies who will benefit specifically and directly.

“If this Administration truly wants the private sector to again start hiring, they need to stop actively working to oppose any and all efforts by the private sector to actually do so.”


A pattern has emerged out of the various Obama administration’s actions: If it’s not a green job or can’t be used to directly help Big Labor in some way, they’re not interested. And more, they will do everything in their power to destroy it.


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